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[The video clicks on to a wobbly image of Roxas's shoes and the sound feed starts mid-sentence.]

--this stupid thing works? Oh! Shit, I didn't want video. Um.

[After a few seconds the video feed ends and the post continues in voice only.]

Okay. This's better.

So. I guess it's great we can get out and stuff, but- does any of this really feel real to anybody? It's a little too much like... Never mind.

I just don't think I like this town much more than the mansion.

001 - [Action Post]

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 08:47 pm
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[Once he'd gotten over the initial shock of having a body of his own again, Roxas realized that it was surprisingly hard to see. Light being his element, he'd never had any trouble seeing in the dark before, but now his world was almost pitch black. He wondered, briefly, if he really was on his own now, but he couldn't sense Sora. This had to be somewhere, there just weren't any lights.]


[Failing any response, he started slowly forward, trying to feel his way.]

Where the hell am I...?