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Age: 17 (physically)

Birthdate: September 21

Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Race: Nobody

Residence: Sunset House

Pets: 3 Chocobos: Sunset (red), Popcorn (yellow), & Isa (blue)

Notable Inventory

Shards: 143 (as of Day 206)


Checkered Wallet (from Sora)

Houndstooth Scarf (from Hayner)

Key Socks (Harvest Festival gift)

Knight Ring (from Sora)

♦ Organization XIII Coat

Photo Booth Pictures with Axel

♦ Polaroid Camera (Harvest Festival gift)

♦ Thalassa Charm (from Sora)

Vatheon Journal


Keyblade - Roxas weilds a magical weapon called a keyblade which he can make appear or disappear at will. A keyblade can lock or unlock anything from doors to hearts to entire worlds. Unlike other weapons, it also has the ability to defeat Heartless by releasing the captive hearts within them. Uniquely, Roxas can dual-wield two keyblades at once, typically Oathkeeper and Oblivion. In Bastion, Roxas is always able to summon one keyblade, but dual-wielding and unlocking are subject to limitations.

Light - Roxas has an elemental affinity to light (similar to holy magic). He can use it to give his keyblade attacks added bite, or by itself in multiple columns or shafts of light. It also seems to have some ability to nullify other magics. This is a 3x per day power.

Corridors of Darkness - As a Nobody, Roxas is capable of using the power of darkness to open portals from one place to another, using the Realm of Darkness as the pathway between. This is a 3x per day power, and he can only transport himself and one other person to previously explored areas.

Command over Lesser Nobodies - Roxas commands the Samurai Nobodies, and can communicate with all varieties of lesser Nobodies. One of his Samurai has accompanied him to Bastion, and he will be able to summon it 3x per day. Otherwise it will hang around Bastion being stoic.


[None Yet]


Cooking (Beginner) - Roxas took some cooking lessons from Rin Okumura when they were in Vatheon.

Skateboarding (Master)

Swimming (Master)