Friday, October 25th, 2013 12:00 am
coolerthansora: (uber secret)
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-Threadhopping with this character Sure.

-Backtagging with this character - yes/no/maybe so? Sure.

-Hugging this character? Go for it. He'll most likely be awkward about it, but if you're a friend he won't mind.

-Giving this character a kiss? Absolutely fine. Just be warned that if he didn't want it he may punch you.

-Sex? I prefer not to thread out smut, but I'm fine with having it happen provided Roxas is willing. Roxas is not a one-night-stand kind of guy so he will have to be wooed first, and he has zippo experience so he's unlikely to make any first moves.

-Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back): Sure. And he will most likely fight back. Unless maybe you're a girl.

-Maim/Murder/Death: Possibly! I'm open to plotting.

-Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character? Nothing in particular.

-Is there anything you need us to KNOW about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, STUFF: He's a Nobody, an incomplete being. So if your character has any ability to sense people who are inhuman, Roxas will read as such even if he looks perfectly human. Also, if you get into a fight with him, he does have light/holy magic in addition to his keyblade. He probably won't use it unless he feels like he has to, though.
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