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Bastion Day 122 - October 27 - Starting Over
I'm not really sure what day it is here. This'll have to do until I figure it out.

Something went wrong when we were leaving Vatheon, and we wound up in a whole other world. The people here say that there was this thing called the Calamity that tore apart this world and a lot of others. Pieces of other worlds wind up here, like the End of the World where Sora fought Ansem.

Axel and Saix both came through with me. Axel's hurt, but they say he's going to be all right. He hasn't woken up yet. No one else who left the island with us is here.

If we're here, does that mean that Vatheon is one of the worlds that got destroyed? What happened to everyone who was there? Sora, Rin, Namine, Demyx... All my friends who were still there, all the ones who made it home already. Are their worlds gone, too?

I still have the tattoo from the coral, but if Vatheon is gone, then I can't be connected to it anymore. C said that the coral was keeping us alive. So how are we alive now? Or, does that just mean that if Sora showed up here, I'd disappear again? I'm not really sure, but I wish he was here. Or at least that I could know he was okay. This seems like the kind of situation where you'd need a hero, and that's not me.

Day 123 - October 28 - A Lot of Weird
Rin is here, only it's a girl Rin. I ran into him her in the kitchen. I'm not sure I made such a good first impression but I hope we can still be friends.

Axel's still asleep. I've been spending most of my time in the hospital, but Saix has been out trying to figure stuff out I guess. There's a way to restore the Bastion--that's the place we're in--and Saix says something else might happen once we do. Could we restore the other worlds that way?

Someone has to do it, and if Sora's not around to be the hero this time, then maybe it is up to me. Up to all of us, really. It'd prove a lot of people wrong if Nobodies helped save the worlds. I guess it sounds weird even to me.

Saix has been acting kind of weird, too. Ever since he apologized to me in Vatheon, he's been a lot less of a jerk.

Day 124 - October 29 - Axel's Back
Axel finally woke up. It's good to have someone to talk to again. Having him around makes me feel like things are going to be okay.

Day 127 - November 1 - A Strange Kind of Team
Now that Axel's recovered, we're both settled into one of the tower apartments with the chocobos. Funny how normal some stuff seems, and how calm everything is. I keep thinking something is going to happen, but I'm not sure what. Maybe I'm still getting over all the curses we had in Vatheon. Here it seems like you have to go looking for trou--

Saix wanted to explore the Skyway. Axel was up for it, so the three of us went together. It's the first time I've been out there since we arrived. It actually felt good to do something, but it's still strange fighting alongside Saix. I think something really important happened in Vatheon but he doesn't want me knowing about it. I guess that's fine, so long as it means we can work together.

Axel seems a lot more at ease around him now, too. He's kidding him like they're friends again. Maybe they really can be.

Day 133 - November 7 - The Samurai
One of my Samurai Nobodies has been with me here from the start. It's been a little like that one time in Vatheon when we were all going on quests and stuff. We're a team.

Except I realized I don't know anything about it. Back in the Organization, everyone thought of the Lesser Nobodies as expendable. But it used to be a person, too. It had a name, and it wasn't an "it." Only I don't think it remembers any of that, so it's hard to ask about it. Should I give it a name, or would that just be treating it like a pet?

Maybe I'll see if it can pick for itself.

Day 144 - November 18 - The Festival
There's a festival going on this week. It's got something to do with the gods in this world, but honestly I don't know much more than that. Anyway if people get to celebrate something for once, that's good, right?

I sort of got drunk yesterday though. With Saix. I just figured we could try to get along. I guess it turned out to be a lot easier when we weren't thinking straight. We even went into someone's apartment and tried to have a pillow fight. That part was... weird.

We did talk about some stuff. I don't know if any of it was really important, but maybe that's the point. It made him seem more like a person, instead of this jerk who used to give us all orders.

Axel really didn't like me drinking. He actually carried me home when he found out. I still don't think it was that bad. Does he think I'm too young for that, too?

Day 145 - November 19 - Saix's Problem
I finally found out what happened to Saix before. He said something was trying to possess him, and when he was in Vatheon, Maka was able to weaken it. It must be like when Ansem possessed Riku. Xemnas was his Nobody, so... It's actually pretty creepy to think about.

I told him we could try to be friends. I'm not going to say none of the crap he's done is his fault, because it started with his choices, but something definitely influenced him to make those choices.

Day 148 - November 22 - Presents
[ A photograph is pasted here of Axel half-buried in scarves. ]

Day 151 - November 25 - Why Do People Hurt Each Other?
Some people got into a fight the other day. Apparently Rin was involved. I guess I should've tried learning more about how this world used to be. It didn't seem so important when everything's torn apart now, and if we can restore them, I want to go home. But there were these two peoples here, the Caels and the Ura, and they were at war a lot. What I got from Rin was that the fight broke out because someone found out some of the Caels made a weapon to destroy the Ura, and that's what caused the Calamity.

None of the Caels who're here were involved, but I guess some of them knew about it, and they didn't tell anyone. It makes me kind of angry at the people who did build it, even though they're gone. It's just so stupid. Why would you want to hurt so many people? It's depressing to know that anyone would want that.

Rin made it sound like there were a lot of people like that in her world. I always thought it was really unusual, like with Ansem or Xehanort or whatever his name was. Even Maleficent didn't seem like she wanted to destroy the worlds, just rule them.

Ryu was asking what made people want to hurt each other, and I really don't know. I've been angry enough to want to hurt people before, but it's been people like DiZ and Riku, who were really awful to me. I know people have a hard time understanding each other sometimes, but I don't get why that drives anyone to war. I don't understand how they get to the point where they feel like that's the only choice they have.

Day 154 - November 28 - Xion
Xion's here! I didn't think I'd ever get to see her again.

She doesn't remember anything from Vatheon and I still don't remember her from before, so I guess we're back to not sharing any memories... But I hope it's better for her this time that Axel and I know who she is.

Maybe I should've waited to explain about Vatheon though. It was a lot to dump on her all at once and she seemed really confused.

Hopefully in a few days she'll get settled in and her head'll stop spinning, and we can start making new memories together.

I wonder where she came from exactly. She was talking like she was... gone, so wouldn't she be with Sora? I hope Sora's okay.

Day 158 - December 2 - Teamwork
I went with a lot of the others on an expedition to check out this observatory. Some people went before, but I guess they ran into some stuff they weren't expecting and had to leave. There was this big plant there guarding a shard, and we had to fight it. We actually rescued this guy it had just eaten, too.

I'm glad I went, because it felt good to help, but I'm not used to working in such a big team. Maybe it'd be different if I knew everyone better, but I felt like an outsider.

Xion met me when I got back. We're planning on going out onto the Skyway together. Even if I can't remember fighting together before, I think it'll feel more familiar.

Day 162 - December 6 - A Death
Rin's friend died on the Skyway today.

Rin got hurt pretty bad, too. I went to see her in the hospital because I thought she could use some company, but I didn't really know what to say. After everything with me and Axel and Xion, it's hard to say that when someone dies, you'll never see them again, but it's more likely that you won't, isn't it?

I think Colin's putting a group together to go after the monster that killed Night, but I really just wish I'd been there the first time around. I wasn't there to help the other Rin when his friends got killed either.

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