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[ Player Name ] : Yinza
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[ Age ] : 26
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[ Character's Name ] : Roxas
[ Character's Age ] : 17, physically
[ Series ] : Kingdom Hearts
[ Canon Point ] : Just after his duel with Sora in KHII

[ History ] :
Just gonna go with the linkage here.

[ Personality ] :
When among friends, Roxas can be very much like Sora. He's more subdued, but he looks forward to being with his friends, and laughs and has fun with them like any normal boy. He'll tease his friends and put up with teasing in return, and can be a real dork sometimes. He has more memories to draw on now, but there are still a lot of things which will bring on a Sora-like cluelessness and naiveté. But, beyond that their personalities start diverging. Roxas doesn't handle people as well as Sora--he can be sweet, but he doesn't have the best understanding of others and can also be very awkward or tactless, and doesn't recover as easily from his own blunders. Roxas is an introvert. He spends a lot of time in his own mind, and can come off as melancholy or distant. He can be pushed to rash decisions by outside forces, but left on his own he tends to be indecisive and deliberates over things a long time. He isn't the brightest or most observant kid, but uses his brain more than Sora and tries harder to understand what's going on. His questions often go unanswered, but he is not a shoot-first-ask-questions-later type of person. Even when Axel showed up in the fake Twilight Town to fight him, Roxas initially threw down his keyblade and demanded an explanation.

What Roxas feels most strongly about is his own right to exist as an independent individual, and in this way he is very strong-willed. Unlike Axel, he showed no fear in leaving the Organization to find his own answers, or in turning against it. When DiZ tried to rejoin him with Sora, Roxas fought against him--unsuccessfully, but he didn't resign himself to it until he was right there in front of Sora. Even later, in the World that Never Was, Roxas found a way to duel Sora, as though even then he wasn't willing to give up his own consciousness without a fight. Roxas doesn't like to be pushed or manipulated into doing things, and will rebel against anything of the kind. And, when it comes down to it, Roxas will not sacrifice himself for his friends. He will do a lot for them, but both Xion and Axel came at him seriously, and Roxas fought back in kind, and defeated them--injuring Axel and essentially killing Xion.

Because he has been used so much in the past, Roxas has a lot of trust issues. Between the Organization wanting him to collect hearts for them and DiZ wanting him to become part of Sora and defeat the Organization, most people Roxas has come into contact with have had their own agendas for him. Even Axel, while caring about him as much as a Nobody could, still aligned himself with the Organization. Roxas will try to be friendly with strangers, but he isn't open (he will lie, though he's not always believable), and if they ask too many questions he can quickly become suspicious and defensive, or retreat behind sarcasm. He has a low tolerance for people who try to put him down or treat him like a child or an idiot. He has much more of a temper than Sora, and can hold a grudge. Even when he does get along with someone, it takes time for him to truly let his guard down around them.

Roxas also has a bit of an inferiority complex. Part of this is due to his being a Nobody; he isn't supposed to have a heart and feel emotions. Thanks to Axel's insistence on their being friends, Roxas believes he can feel something, but he doesn't believe that it's the same as what whole people feel. He believes that like with other Nobodies, his "feelings" are rooted in the power of memory, rather than the power of the heart. He also has the misfortune of having to compare himself with Sora, who has such a strong heart and is incredibly selfless--a real hero. Having been part of Sora, Roxas has been able to witness that first-hand, and knows he can't measure up. He may strive to be a good or at least a decent person, but he isn't a hero. Furthermore, even Axel seemed to choose Sora over him, by fighting Roxas when the Organization asked it of him, but being willing to give his life for Sora. Roxas may place a great deal of importance on his own right to exist, but he doesn't expect anyone else to put that kind of value in him, and he considers it selfish that he does value his own life that much.

Bastion Update:
Roxas is still pretty much a sweet dork, but he has gained confidence and maturity in his time in Vatheon. A lot of this is thanks to all the friendships he was able to make (and in some cases to continue), most of which were longer, deeper, and more open relationships than he had any opportunity for before. He can still be awkward with people, but it doesn't discourage him from trying, and though he doesn't trust strangers immediately, it's easier for him to give them a chance. His friends mean a lot more to him now than his own self-knowledge, and he would never abandon them. He still isn't sure if he could do what Sora did, and sacrifice himself for them. Maybe.

He's experienced more in Vatheon, and in particular felt more. Falling in love with Axel probably provided him with his biggest confidence boost, despite his rejection. A feeling he never experienced as Sora is proof for him that he does have the capacity to feel, and although he may not be Sora's equal, he may still be whole in his own way. Before, expressing his opinion was always tempered by the thought that he was incomplete as a person, and might not know as well as others even if he'd gone through the same thing. Now, he thinks his opinion is just as legitimate as anyone else's, and maybe he can fully understand the feelings behind other people's. He's started to become more perceptive that way.

[ Strengths/Abilities - Updated with Bastion Power Limits] :
Keyblade - Roxas is able to summon a form of magical weapon called a keyblade. The keyblade has the ability to lock or unlock anything from standard locks to entire worlds. As a part of this ability, it has the power to defeat Heartless; although other weapons can temporarily drive them back, the keyblade actually frees the captive heart within them and destroys the Heartless. This is the use Roxas is most familiar with, since it was his job within the Organization. He is one of the most skilled fighters in the series, arguably better than Sora in terms of technique but lacking in heart. He's also capable of wielding two keyblades at once.

I would say his ability to summon one keyblade is an "always on" power, as keyblades will automatically return to their masters if thrown or if someone else attempts to handle them. However, summoning a second keyblade or using its power to unlock something will be subject to the 3-times-per-day limit. Its ability regarding Heartless is kind of moot unless some show up in Bastion, but that would also be an "always on" deal.

Corridors of Darkness - As a Nobody, Roxas is capable of using the power of darkness to open portals from one place to another, using the Realm of Darkness as the pathway between. This ability will be subject to all restrictions regarding teleportation.

Light - Most Nobodies also have an elemental affinity. For Roxas, this is light (similar to holy magic). He can use it to give his keyblade's attacks added bite, or by itself in multiple columns or shafts of light. It also seems to have some ability to nullify other magics. He will only be able to use his light blasts thrice per day, with declining effectiveness thereafter.

Command over Lesser Nobodies - Roxas commands the Samurai Nobodies, and can communicate with all varieties of lesser Nobodies. He will be bringing one of his Samurai to Bastion, which he will be able to summon thrice per day. Otherwise it will just kind of hang around being stoic.

[ Weaknesses ] :
Memory - Roxas has extensive memory issues thanks to everything Naminé was forced to do. He was practically a blank slate when he was born, not having any of Sora's memories. They came back to him some during his time with the Organization. When DiZ had him placed in the fake Twilight Town, both these and his own memories were obscured (but not erased) by an entirely new set of memories, making him think he was a normal boy. As Naminé reconstructed Sora's memory, Roxas began remembering it as well, and eventually his own memories began to resurface. He still has huge gaps in what he remembers both of Sora's life and his own with the Organization. His memories of Xion were completely erased. And on top of having gaps, he still has the fake memories, and sometimes has trouble distinguishing. All of this really bothers him, because it means that others can know things about him that he has no knowledge of.

Ignorance - This goes along with his memory issues, but there are a lot of things Roxas still does not know about the way the world works. The only "normal" life he's led was in the fake Twilight Town, and his time there was brief. He just lacks context and experience and has to ask a lot of questions.

Sora - At least in the KH universe, coming into contact with Sora means Roxas ceases to exist as himself. Not unlike instant death, and Roxas actually fears it more than dying.

[ Other Important Facts ] :
Between them, he and Axel will be bringing along their three young chocobos, Popcorn, Sunset, and Isa.

[ Sample ] :
First Person
[The video switches on to reveal... the side of Roxas's head. He seems to be in the process of inspecting the communicator, turning it this way and that, and is unaware that it's recording. In fact, it catches him in the middle of a sentence, apparently talking to himself.]

--button do? Maybe I shouldn't be messing with this...

[Apparently that thought isn't enough to stop him because the video switches momentarily to audio-only. Technology wiz, Roxas is not, but at least he's a little too cautious to be keymashing.]

Why would someone put this in my--?

[The video comes back on and he notices this time, stopping short.]

Um. Is this thing... on? Hello?

[He tries to put on a more severe expression and tone.]

If- anyone's there, I want to know what's going on.

Third Person
Like waking up, Roxas wasn't really aware of anything until he had stepped off into the train station. He'd spent the trip in a daze, and for a second he thought he had been dreaming inside Sora's head, dreaming of taking the train in Twilight Town. But when he tried harder to remember it, there was something uncanny about the experience, and then he realized--

He was himself. He looked down at his hands, his hands, Roxas's hands. They weren't see-through. The haze was clearing from his mind and he felt solid and real. The memories were still there, but he couldn't so much as sense Sora's presence. Even the few times before when he had managed to separate his consciousness from Sora's, his Other had always been right there with him. Now... Sora was gone. He was on his own. He felt a small sense of loss--all that emotion that was Sora's heart--but more than that, he felt liberated. To be in control of himself, to be himself...

A smile tugged at his lips. He was Roxas. He had no idea how it had happened, and it was something he needed to find out because his luck had never been this good, but right now, just for a moment, he could be happy about it. Even if he couldn't really feel happiness, he could still call up the memory and fill himself with it, and wasn't that close enough to the real thing? And maybe this time, he'd be allowed to hold onto that. Or at least given more of a fighting chance.
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