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♥♥♥♥♥ - As close to love as a Nobody can get.
♥♥♥♥ - Best friend. He might not give his life for you, but he'd do most anything else.
♥♥♥ - Friend. There will be ice cream.
♥♥ - He's comfortable around you, but doesn't know you well enough to be friends.
- He gets along with you, but is still a little unsure of you.
- Neutral. He doesn't know what to make of you yet.
- No strong feelings, but you kind of annoy him.
♠♠ - He just does not get along with you.
♠♠♠ - Strong dislike. He'll still talk to you, but it may just be an argument.
♠♠♠♠ - Strong grudge and just do not want.
♠♠♠♠♠ - Die in a fire.

Rin Okumura[personal profile] hellpyre ♥♥
A different Rin came to Roxas's aid in Vatheon when Vanitas tried to kill him. His first impression is that this girl version of Rin is a lot like her male counterpart, and he still feels like she'd have his back. Still, he doesn't want to assume she's exactly like the Rin he knew, so there's a lot he'll probably have to rediscover about his would-be friend.

Tobias[personal profile] notachickenhawk ♥♥
Roxas finds him easy to talk to and relate to. Despite probably being one of the heroes of his world, Tobias doesn't make him feel inadequate but like he could have fought in his world, too.

Ryu[personal profile] amnesiadragon
They met once in Vatheon, though Roxas doesn't remember much about the meeting. It has left him with a sense of familiarity, and he gets the feeling he can trust Ryu. He seems like a really kind-hearted and innocent person, and Roxas has rediscovered that he also has an Other, something they have in common. Ryu led him and Saix to the Bastion when they first arrived.

Vatheon CR:
Bastion CR:

Aoi[personal profile] amphibian
An upbeat person who maybe doesn't think things all the way through before trying them. Awkward first meetings aside, she seems really nice.

Ryu[personal profile] dragonform
Another Ryu, though not Ryu's Other. Roxas thinks maybe they are different versions of the same person, from different worlds. He can't put his finger on it after one meeting, but this one seems a little older. Still an optimist, though.

Saïx[personal profile] croceamors
Roxas is sure there are some things he's forgotten about Saïx when they were in the Organization together, but he definitely doesn't remember liking the guy, and he got into some pretty bad fights with Axel when they were in Vatheon. But thanks to some other things that happened there, Saix has made the decision to be less of a jerk, and try to get his heart back through friendships rather than strangely-shaped moons. At first Roxas found it unnerving, and he mostly only put up with Saix for the sake of Axel and their former friendship. Still, he's come to think of Saix as an ally, and is becoming more comfortable speaking with him, even if it still seems strange. With his friends gone, Saix now has the dubious honor of being the person who knows Roxas best.

Vatheon CR:
Bastion CR:

Paarthurnax[personal profile] wayofvoice
He seems like a really nice and smart dragon.

N[personal profile] unwrittenformula
A curious person, but not in a way that makes Roxas uncomfortable. Apparently his father told him he didn't have a heart, and maybe he's not as warm as some people, but he seems like a nice enough guy to Roxas.

Rob[personal profile] dragonsorcsandwolves

Jay Zimin[personal profile] amourtician
He has a weird habit of calling people 'darling,' but he was helping out during the plague so he must be an okay guy.

Duke[personal profile] notduchess

Edea[personal profile] coffeewithmysugar

(Alucard) ♦ [personal profile] superdrowningskills

Skyla[personal profile] magisperica
She has a scary temper but it seems like she's been through stuff so there's probably a reason for it.

Nathaniel (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc

(The Kid) ♦ [personal profile] followsthevoice

(Calem) ♦ [personal profile] chosenbylife

(Ryuuji "Bon" Suguro) ♦ [personal profile] kyotoprincess

Rosethorn[personal profile] earthandpine

Crona[personal profile] blackblooded

Ippo[personal profile] windgod

Colin[personal profile] freedom_engineer
He's got a computer in his arm, which makes Roxas a little uneasy, but he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He knows a lot about chocobos from his own world.

Last Updated October 20, 2014.

Dropped Characters

Axel[personal profile] flared ♥♥♥♥♥
Roxas's best friend. Axel might not be the nicest guy in general, but he was there for Roxas from the start and really helped him develop into his own person. Roxas feels at ease with Axel and trusts him in spite of how things turned out back home. Rather, he wants their second chance at friendship to make up for all those failures before. They have grown a lot closer since, and Roxas is gradually coming to understand his friend better, beyond just enjoying his company. His feelings have grown, too, but unfortunately it seems to be one-sided, so he's struggling to accept only what Axel is willing to give.

Xion[personal profile] attheclocktower ♥♥♥
Xion is a friend Roxas forgot. The only memories he has of her are those they made in Vatheon, which they don't even share now. He still feels guilty about it, but he's determined to be friends all over again. He feels like they have a lot in common, not just their fate of being absorbed into Sora, but their friendship with Axel and the way they're both still learning things about the world around them which other people take for granted. There are definitely things they don't share, though, which make Xion special.

Vatheon CR:
Bastion CR:

(Kiyotaka Ishimaru) ♦ [personal profile] alwaysintense

Vatheon: Notable CR

Sora[personal profile] runbysmiles ♥♥♥♥
Roxas's Other, the person he used to be. Naturally he knows Sora pretty well, and he envies many of Sora's traits--his ability to make friends so easily, his capacity for emotion, his luck, his hero status. He doesn't dislike or blame Sora for being the better person, but now that they're separate again, he has no desire to go back to being Sora. He's grateful that Sora counts him among his friends, and even considers him a brother. Sora is family, and Roxas feels very much at ease with him. They will confide just about anything in each other.

Ruca[personal profile] demonicbookworm ♥♥♥
Shy and uncertain, but still a nice guy. They're both a little awkward in conversation and aren't used to having many friends, and from the start Roxas felt they had something in common. The more Roxas learns about him, the more this rings true. Ruca has dreams of someone he used to be, and is in a way one half of that person, connected to another half. There are some big differences between their situations, but Roxas really relates to Ruca, and he's become someone he can confide in when he's not sure anyone else will understand.

Hayner[personal profile] topsseifer ♥♥♥
This is the Hayner of Roxas's digital prison, the boy written into his memories as his best friend. Even knowing that those memories aren't real, Hayner's said he still considers Roxas his best friend. Roxas isn't willing to accept what was made up for him so easily, but he still likes Hayner and trusts him to have his back. He wants to forge a real friendship with him, now that he remembers who he really is.

"Little Sun" Chibiterasu[personal profile] sonlight ♥♥♥
This little guy sure is excitable. Roxas doesn't know much about dogs, and Chibi's friendliness and enthusiasm tends to bowl him over, often literally. The son of a goddess, Chibi can use magic and understand human speech--which is only really surprising to Roxas because he can't also speak, but they manage somehow or other. Chibi might not know much about Roxas, but Roxas doesn't feel like he has to keep his guard up around him, and he's really coming to think of the little guy as a friend. He knows him as "Little Sun," though he does know Chibi's actual name now, too.

Naminé[personal profile] chainedpromises ♥♥♥
Naminé was involved in Roxas's imprisonment in the fake Twilight Town, but also responsible for helping him remember who he was, something he's very grateful for. They never had the chance to be friends back home, but he feels like they could have been very easily. Considering the circumstances of their meeting before, he wasn't sure how to act around her at first, but he's beginning to feel more at ease around her. He's realized she knows even less about the world than he does, and he wants to help her along.

Demyx[personal profile] ninthserenade ♥♥♥
Roxas didn't know Demyx that well in the Organization, but he never seemed to fit with the rest of them. He's much more personable, and unlike any other Nobody, he seems to believe that they can learn to feel just as well as anyone else. More than that, he's demonstrated the possibility in the close relationships he's forged. Roxas finds that comforting, and Demyx has become a surprising and welcome source of advice.

Sola [Dark Link][personal profile] replicatedcourage ♥♥♥
A replica, like Xion, only he seems to be from another world. Unlike Roxas, Sola is very open about what he is, and is trusting enough to have confided a lot in Roxas. It's hard not to return that kind of trust. Although a replica isn't the same as a Nobody, Roxas feels a strong affinity with him. He admires Sola's openness and the relationships he's built, and is quietly rooting for him.

Shirley[personal profile] shirleyhopeful ♥♥
She may be a little shy, but there's a determination underneath. They tend to trade a lot of vague stories about home, so Roxas knows some bad things happened to her before, even if he doesn't know many of the details. In spite of that, she's really sweet, and seems to have trouble thinking badly of people. She's been very supportive of him when he hasn't thought too well of himself, and little by little he's been trying to see himself from her point of view.

King Mickey[personal profile] takesyoubytheheart ♥♥
At first, Roxas had trouble thinking of Mickey as anyone but Sora's friend. Despite Mickey blatantly stating he thinks no less of Roxas than any of his other friends, Roxas remembers his attitude towards Nobodies before. So for a while, he was just friendly because Mickey let him know Axel was in Vatheon, but he's slowly come to accept that maybe Mickey's changed his mind about Nobodies. They may not always see things from the same angle, but Mickey's a nice guy, and he treats Roxas like a friend.

Tidus[personal profile] blitz_acing ♥♥
He looks a lot like the Tidus Sora knew from the islands, but of course he has to be a different person. He decides people are friends really quickly, and doesn't seem to give up or let other people give up on things very easily. Roxas finds that he feels more like a normal person around Tidus, even if he sometimes brings up things Roxas doesn't have any normal answers for.

Ventus[personal profile] windincrement ♥♥
Ventus is someone whose heart took refuge within Sora's, and so he was there when Roxas was born. There's no doubt that that's why they look alike, but any other implications make Roxas uneasy, so he's trying not to think about them. Ven is an incredibly warm and friendly person, and Roxas really likes him. It's clear that, even knowing Roxas was born as a part of Sora, Ven respects him as his own person. He even performed the rite of succession for Roxas, so that the keyblade would be his own power and not one he inherited from Sora. Of course, he's forgotten that now that he's gone and returned to Vatheon, but Roxas won't.

Kimblee[personal profile] fulmination
Vanitas's friend. He's not an easy person to read, so it's tough to tell what's really going on in his head, but he's always been pleasant enough to Roxas. He's done some awful things in the past, but as far as Roxas knows he hasn't repeated them in Vatheon. Whether that's because of moral reservations or just a lack of opportunity, he's not sure. Still, Roxas believes he's a good influence on Vanitas.

Kairi[personal profile] destinyembrace
The girl Sora likes. Roxas has a lot of Sora's memories of her (and of liking her), but as himself he barely knows her, which makes things awkward. He automatically trusts her, but he can't call her a friend because she doesn't know him at all. When she was first in Vatheon, he had a hard time letting her get to know him, but by now he's a little more confident in himself. He'd like to be friends.

Vanitas[personal profile] halfhearted
The dark half of Ventus's heart, a boy who shares Sora's face. In their first encounter, Vanitas did try to kill him, and he murdered two of Rin's friends, so Roxas has no doubts about what Vanitas is capable of. Still, he feels connected to Vanitas and in a way responsible for him, and he wants to think he can change. After spending some time in his body and feeling the darkness of his heart first-hand, he has some idea of what Vanitas has had to go through. He doesn't want to be enemies. Still, there's a lot of antagonism in the way of actually getting to know him, and with his face, Roxas doubts Vanitas will ever do more than tolerate him.

Barry[personal profile] dontsaymyname ♠♠
A guy who offered Roxas a deal to help him win Axel over. Despite Roxas turning him down, he still impersonated him and tried to seduce Axel, which has left Roxas very angry with him. He does harbor a small seed of sympathy for Barry for also suffering from unrequited love, just enough that he might listen to an explanation. But he's never trusting this guy again.

Riku[personal profile] idkmybfftheking ♠♠
Sora's best friend and the guy who kidnapped Roxas for DiZ, an action which ultimately led to Roxas ceasing to exist. Roxas finds this difficult to forgive or forget, particularly because he doesn't think Riku's opinion of his worth has changed much since then. Riku seems to view him as a part of Sora rather than his own person, although he does set some value on that, unlike what Roxas previously thought. He's trying to give Riku a chance for Sora's sake, but most of their encounters end in argument.

Bastion: Samurai's CR

Rux[personal profile] narrativestranger
Rux knows a lot about names. He is the only person outside of its master who has treated the Samurai as a person.

(Nagisa Shiota) ♦ [personal profile] surprisehitman
A strange human who prefers scaling buildings to taking stairs.

N[personal profile] unwrittenformula
N has a letter for a name and it is not X. This is unusual.

(Aoi Asahina) ♦ [personal profile] amphibian
This girl initially thought the Samurai was a monster. This is a normal reaction from humans so it is not really bothered.

Berserker[personal profile] croceamors ♠♠
The Berserker's master Saïx and its own master were once enemies, but now they are not. The Samurai and the Berserker trust each other far less than their masters do and have a strange sort of rivalry.

Saïx[personal profile] croceamors ♠♠
Saïx and its own master were once enemies, but now they are not. The Samurai is not as forgiving as its master and is keeping a wary eye on Saïx.

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