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Age: 17 (physically)

Birthdate: September 21

Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Race: Nobody

Tattoo: Left outer wrist

Residence: Yutopil Apartments 2-1, with Axel

Pets: 3 Chocobos: Sunset (red), Popcorn (yellow), & Isa (blue)

Notable Inventory

Journal (Handwritten)

Bandaids (from Vanitas)

♦ Baseball Bat (from Mickey)

Checkered Wallet (from Sora)

Broken Heart Keychain (from Vanitas)

Giant Stuffed Bear (from Axel)

Hi-Tech Watch (from Sora)

Houndstooth Scarf (from Hayner)

Incriminating Photos of Hayner

Knight Ring (from Sora)

♦ Miniature Clocktower (from Hayner)

♦ Movie Collection (some from Hayner)

Night Sky Projector (from Tidus)

♦ Notebook (from Ky)

♦ Oil Pastel Picture of Twilight Town (from Naminé)

♦ Organization XIII Coat

♦ Painting of Roxas, Axel, Sora, Kairi, and Naminé (from Naminé)

Photo Booth Pictures with Axel

♦ Santa Hat with his Cross Charm (from Naminé)

♦ Sea-Salt Ice Cream Recipe (from Rin)

♦ Seashell Collection + Thalassa Charm (from Sora)

Skateboard (from Axel)

Skateboard Repair Kit (from Sora)

Small Fuschia Plant (from Shirley)

♦ Host Club Wardrobe

Formal Suit

♦ Pirate Costume

Masquerade Outfit


Halloween Costume

♦ Black Jaguar Costume

Powers / Abilities

Keyblade - Roxas weilds a magical weapon called a keyblade which he can make appear or disappear at will. A keyblade can lock or unlock anything from a standard lock to an entire world. Unlike other weapons, it also has the ability to defeat Heartless by releasing the captive hearts within them. Uniquely, Roxas can dual-wield two keyblades at once, typically Oathkeeper and Oblivion. He has an aggressive fighting style and is arguably one of the best in the series.

Light - Roxas has control over the element of Light, similar to Holy in the Final Fantasy series. He can use it in conjunction with his keyblades, to give his slashes an added edge, or by itself in shafts or pillars of light.

Darkness - As a Nobody, Roxas also has access to the powers of Darkness, though he is not particularly adept at them. He can create portals to travel almost instantly from one place to another using the Realm of Darkness as the pathway between. As he lacks a heart, travelling these pathways does him no harm.


When among friends, Roxas can be very much like his counterpart, Sora. He's more subdued, but he looks forward to being with his friends, and laughs and has fun with them like any normal boy. He'll tease his friends and put up with teasing in return, and can be a real dork sometimes. He has more memories to draw on now, but there are still a lot of things which will bring on a Sora-like cluelessness and naiveté. But, beyond that their personalities start diverging. Roxas doesn't handle people as well as Sora--he can be sweet, but he doesn't have the best understanding of others and can also be very awkward or tactless, and doesn't recover as easily from his own blunders. Roxas is an introvert. He spends a lot of time in his own mind, and can come off as melancholy or distant. He can be pushed to rash decisions by outside forces, but left on his own he tends to be indecisive and deliberates over things a long time. He isn't the brightest or most observant kid, but uses his brain more than Sora and tries harder to understand what's going on. His questions often go unanswered, but he is not a shoot-first-ask-questions-later type of person.

What Roxas feels most strongly about is his own right to exist as an independent individual, and in this way he is very strong-willed. He doesn't like to be pushed or manipulated into doing things, and will rebel against anything of the kind. And, when it comes down to it, Roxas will not sacrifice himself for his friends. He will do a lot for them, but when weighed against his own existence, he'll fight to live.

Because he has been used so much in the past, Roxas has a lot of trust issues. Between the Organization wanting him to collect hearts for them and DiZ wanting him to become part of Sora and defeat the Organization, most people Roxas has come into contact with have had their own agendas for him. Roxas will try to be friendly with strangers, but he isn't open (he will lie, though he's not always believable), and if they ask too many questions he can quickly become suspicious and defensive, or retreat behind sarcasm. He has a low tolerance for people who try to put him down or treat him like a child or an idiot. He has much more of a temper than Sora, and can hold a grudge. Even when he does get along with someone, it takes time for him to truly let his guard down around them.

Roxas also has a bit of an inferiority complex. Part of this is due to his being a Nobody; he isn't supposed to have a heart and feel emotions. He believes that like with other Nobodies, his "feelings" are rooted in the power of memory, rather than the power of the heart, and that pales in comparison. He also has the misfortune of having to compare himself with Sora, who has such a strong heart and is incredibly selfless--a real hero. Having been part of Sora, Roxas has been able to witness that first-hand, and knows he can't measure up. He may strive to be a good or at least a decent person, but he isn't a hero. Furthermore, even Axel seemed to choose Sora over him, by fighting Roxas when the Organization asked it of him, but being willing to give his life for Sora. Roxas may place a great deal of importance on his own right to exist, but he doesn't expect anyone else to put that kind of value in him, and he considers it selfish that he does value his own life that much.